UK Mini Eggs Pouch 80g

Cadbury Mini Eggs Bag – Perfect Treat for Easter Egg Hunts and Snacking
Looking for a fun and delicious treat for Easter? Look no further than Cadbury Mini Eggs! These colorful and tasty chocolates are perfect for snacking, sharing with friends and family, and adding a bit of fun to your Easter egg hunts.

Cadbury Mini Eggs are a classic Easter treat loved by all ages.
Each bag contains a generous 80g/2.8oz of mini chocolate eggs.
Made with Cadbury’s signature milk chocolate and a crunchy candy shell, these eggs have a satisfying texture and a rich, chocolatey flavor.
The colorful candy shell adds a pop of color and makes them perfect for decorating Easter baked goods or simply enjoying as a sweet snack.
Cadbury Mini Eggs are imported from the UK, so you can enjoy the authentic taste of this beloved Easter candy.


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