Gourmet Coffee

Gourmet Coffee


Candi Werx likes coffee and have been serving Classic Gourmet Coffee

/Rufino coffee for over 4 years. We started serving the following coffee:

 Norther Star:

Intense bright flavours. Full bodied with a superb chocolate aroma.Origins: Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi, Colombia Optimal brewing temp: 94'C Roast #3 light to medium

 Roaster's Pride:

Each origin is individually roasted to a different intensity to create a unique, complex and flavourful cup.
Origins (multiroast #1,3,6,7): Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, Ethiopia Optimal brewing temp: 94.5'C

 Decaf Swiss Water Process Colombian:

Smooth and well balanced. 99.9% caffeine removed Optimal brewing temp: 95'C Roast # 2 light advanced

Tho more we learned about coffee roasting and its origins the more coffee we brought in for us and our customers to try. Our current line up consists of more single origin coffees from  Ethiopia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Columbia as well as blends like

The Niagara:

(Colombian, Guatemalan, Peruvian, Mexican)

The Grand:

(Ethiopian, Kenyan, Tanzanian, Colombian)

 We have also been honing our barista skills and make some very flavourful espresso shots and drinks.


 Why we serve Classic Gourmet Coffee:

Classic Gourmet Coffee featured on "A Greener York"